Thursday, 26 February 2015

Detour to the underhive

My local gaming club has decided to start up Necromunda, and with me having a bunch of Escher girls lying about, I had to join in.
I've got the first few girls done, and I figured I'd show them here. 

They're getting done in the best imitation of 90ies GW style I can do, wouldn't half mind some feedback on that!

Friday, 13 February 2015


Alright, there's a fairly large update today, thanks to Simon/Maelstrom over from The Rising Sign, who sent me a (very) generous package lately.

Let's just get the painted stuff out of the way first:
Father Knight got done, and I'm pleased with him. Plenty of spots where he could be better, but overall I think I've done a decent job.

In a fit of productivity, I managed to finish the Akali as well:
Meaning that the PanO part of the Icestorm starter is now done. Meet the gang.

 Next on the painting table is the Reverend Healer, so the set is complete. Had a game with them Thursday actually, introduced a new guy to the game and I think it caught on. Good omens!

Having written a list for my Ariadna with the Tankhunter Autocannon, I decided to give him a quick coat of paint - nothing fancy here, but I love the model and wanted to at least document that he's painted. 

And the final part of the painted portion of this post, the Emberling for the Malifaux crew. My goal of getting them done fast and damn the quality is showing, but I like to think it still looks good enough to place on the table.

That was the ordinary part. Now for the unexpectedly generous gift from Maelstrom.
We've been talking recently, and after hearing about some stuff I and some friends are doing (Advanced Heroquest and other projects I haven't updated here yet), he said he'd send a few bits to help us out.

"Few" my arse, pardon the French.

Opening the box, this is what I found:
An entire battalion of Napoleonic French Grenadiers (I think, haven't checked their insignia yet).
6 VERY custom Plague Marines. (Simon is an accomplished sculptor - on the off chance you're reading this and didn't come here through his blog, go visit and see for yourself)

A bunch of bits off the empire archer sprue.
A sprue of Dark Elves of some sort, most of the bits there and, if I've counted right, enough to make at least 10 DE.
Hey, more elves. Metal sculpts, some converted Lothern Seaguard (I'll get a pic of his putty-work when I've got them out next, it's fairly awesome), a metal vampire character and a VERY 80ies necromancer that'll be an utterly perfect fit for AHQ. There's 2 small sprues with some bits as well that sadly didn't photograph well.
Skellies. I have no idea how many, but I THINK there might be bits enough for 20 if I'm clever about the chest pieces. Will also be perfect for AHQ.
Skaven Stormvermin, 10 of them, and with the sprue full of bits as well (also didn't photograph well, but as far as I can see more or less everything is there)
Bases. These are actually my favorite thing in the box, probably because they're A: Perfect for AHQ and other dungeon crawlers, B: Completely unexpected and C: His own sculpts, cast in resin.
Will be going on the skaven for sure.
5 Mantic Sci-Fi Zombies from Deadzone. Dunno what they're called, but I've been wanting to check out Mantic's quality and sculpts for a while, so they're very welcome.
And finally, topping off a massive and exceedingly generous box, sprues with the Mantic sci-fi terrain and some brick walls or pavement, depending on use. There's a mini-car as well from Antenocitis new resin line that I'm proper stoked about, but since white resin really, really doesn't like being photographed with flash, I won't be posting it until I either level up in camera skills or paint it.

This is huge, of course! Massively generous gift from a good friend and all-round great guy, and absolute poison for my already overtaxed ability to focus on a single project at a time. :-P

If anybody needs me, I'll be snipping out bits and cleaning moldlines.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Metal Gamin

I've been on a bit of a roll lately, and actually got the Gamin done.
For the Malifaux, I'm aiming for a quick paintjob so I can get a little force up and running soon.

I'm pleased with the OSL even though it's far from perfect - I've struggled with it for ages, and I think I've actually managed to find a way that works, even if I obviously need more practice with it.

Next up: Might well be an Ariadnan Tankhunter with Autocannon. I got a lot of the work done, but after taking pictures it's clear that there's a bit too many errors to call him done just yet.

Monday, 2 February 2015


It feels almost silly posting again so soon, but I had a productive evening yesterday and got the Spektr done.
There's a few bits on him that I'd like to go back over, but I'm calling him done for now and soldiering on with the rest of Op:Icestorm. I like to think I'm getting better at the OSL, it looks passable here.

I realised that I'd forgotten to post this guy as well, so:

He was done right after New Years', but I forgot about him during the trip to China.

No pics of the Gamin just yet, but they're coming.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

New year, new post

I've had a bit of an hiatus, what with Christmas, New years and a trip to China, but things should be picking up a bit now.

I've had the opportunity to get the malifaux stuff assembled, and my little starter force is ready for paint:
Overall, I'm pleased with the quality. Some of the joints were a bit too obvious, but I hope I've gotten them covered with some liquid greenstuff.

The 3 Metal Gamins are just now drying from their undercoat, so I expect to perhaps get a lick of paint on them tonight.

Infinity-wise, I've gotten the Grenzer done, and the Spektr is getting close.
 I'm not exactly pleased with him, but I ran out of steam halfway through. There's something about the model that made him less fun to paint than I expected.

Just for giggles, and to break up the more army-focused work, I thought I'd show a model I did as a potential stand-in for a DnD session a while back. She might also be pulling double duty once I get around to finishing a set of Heroquest tiles I'm working on.
That's all for this time, next update should include a Spektr and some PanO, perhaps some Gamin if I'm feeling productive. All comments are welcome!