Sunday, 1 February 2015

New year, new post

I've had a bit of an hiatus, what with Christmas, New years and a trip to China, but things should be picking up a bit now.

I've had the opportunity to get the malifaux stuff assembled, and my little starter force is ready for paint:
Overall, I'm pleased with the quality. Some of the joints were a bit too obvious, but I hope I've gotten them covered with some liquid greenstuff.

The 3 Metal Gamins are just now drying from their undercoat, so I expect to perhaps get a lick of paint on them tonight.

Infinity-wise, I've gotten the Grenzer done, and the Spektr is getting close.
 I'm not exactly pleased with him, but I ran out of steam halfway through. There's something about the model that made him less fun to paint than I expected.

Just for giggles, and to break up the more army-focused work, I thought I'd show a model I did as a potential stand-in for a DnD session a while back. She might also be pulling double duty once I get around to finishing a set of Heroquest tiles I'm working on.
That's all for this time, next update should include a Spektr and some PanO, perhaps some Gamin if I'm feeling productive. All comments are welcome! 

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  1. About time you posted again, need to stop slacking don't you ;)

    The mailfaux models look very interesting certainly looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

    Great work on the grenzer too though I dont envy that amount of painting black haha