Monday, 21 December 2015

Last samurai army done, and back to the future!

Alright, I've actually gotten the last samurai done, meaning that I've completed most of the Ronin project!

I still need to do a bit of random work on the project. There's a couple of buildings that are close to being finished, 3 civvies, and some odds and ends.
After having finished these guys, I felt like seeing if it was possible to convert some weapon options on the metal models. I might want to run a list with a samurai archer or a tetsubo, after all.

It was, and I'm actually rather pleased with the result. This bunch is fairly far down in the painting queue tho. There's a few models left in the lead pile and I'm considering donating them to the club to see if someone else might get inspired...

Now, with Ronin winding down (well, hobby wise. I'm yet to play any games in the campaign I planned) I'm returning to Infinity, and it's about time. I'm not even sure if I can resurrect my log on the forums, or if it's too old by now...
Anyhow, I did a Wildcat to get back into it:

I really do like painting these. They've been the exact right mix of complex and simple for me, so I'll be picking up the corregidor starter box once the painting queue clears a bit. That'd let me run a 5 man link with a specialist on the side, which would be cool. Not the most solid choice rules-wise, but I like them for some reason.
Now, the reason for the warm-up:

Maelstrom/Simon and I have, like last year, exchanged gifts. He, very kindly sent the above model, a Knight of the Sepulchre as well as a box of Haramaki. The Haramaki are great models, but the Sepulchre knight takes the prize though - it's been one of my favorite models ever since I saw it. I'm trying to push myself a bit with it and take my painting to a new level. I'd love critical comments on him, btw.

He's affixed to a piece of cork, so I could do the base separate:

I've gone for warm-ish tones on the base to counter the cold blues on the model. Again, comments are very, very welcome.

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