Thursday, 11 December 2014

An Introduction and a beginning

Welcome to Paint and Procrastination!

This is the work of, well, me. Real name's Rasmus, and I usually go by the screen-name AWOL or, if that's been taken, TwoByFour, in the unlikely event you've seen some of my stuff somewhere before.
At the time of writing, I'm 29 and located in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
This blog is, of course, still new, so expect changes while I muck about with the themes and such.

I've run several logs on various forums before, Warseer, Ammobunker, Powerfist and currently on the official Infinity forums, with most of them being themed. Since I work at a somewhat glacial pace and on several projects at the same time, I often end up updating logs very rarely, and leaping from project to project as I get distracted. Hopefully this'll keep me grounded a bit. 

I've played my share of 40k and fantasy, but lately I've been less keen on good old GW and gravitating more towards skirmish games.
At this point I have a decent sized force of Nomads and Ariadna for Infinity, which will be expanded to sectorial forces for Corregidor and Merovingia, and I'm dabbling a bit in PanOceania as well.

Right now there's three main projects on the go.
I'm painting up Operation Icestorm to complement my infinity forces, and hopefully get some friends introduced to the game. Going slowly, but there's progress.
Besides that, a friend and I are working on a set of homemade tiles for Advanced Heroquest. I'm also doing a couple of adventurers when the fancy takes me.
Lastly, I've tried out Malifaux a few weeks ago. The game appears to be fun, and I've jumped in with an Arcanist starter box, Mei Feng and her rail crew.

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