Saturday, 14 March 2015

Well, the title does say procrastination.....

Alright, minor hiatus over. I've had a few things to deal with, and while I'm not exactly out of the wood with that yet, it's looking better to the extent that I've got enough stuff for a half-decent post I think.

The Escher gang is getting closer to finished, and even had their first game. Got properly kicked around too, with the juve dying (not pictured, got included in the last minute) and the sword-armed ganger in the white and red pants getting beaten in CC by an enemy ganger with an empty lasrifle and a knife. She rolled the badly injured result on the injury table, and as a result she'll be missing the next 2 games due to an infected wound, has an old battle-wound that'll leave her outside the game on  a 1 on a D6 before every game, and hates the guy who did it - Skinny.

I fully intend to do my utmost to get her into a rematch with that guy, stuff like that won't stand.

Seriously fun game tho.

I've gotten started on that box Simon/Maelstrom sent me, and have made the Deadzone terrain into some random urban ruin scatter for various games. These are the first ones I've got painted up:
Inq28 model there for scale.

What else? Friend of mine, Mikkel, has started insisting we should play some Badab-themed Kill Team missions in a 7 player massive mixup (if we can get everyone to participate, ofc.)
He's got a fair amount of Astral Claws, some Executioners and some Marines Errant, and I once did some Novamarines that I'll be expanding a bit to make 3-4 little armies for people to use. Yes, we're sorta relying on me painting stuff up to a deadline. Yes, we're well aware how truly buggered we are. :)

For starters, here's a WiP of Captain Mordecai Blaylock. I'd be very interested in your opinions on him, as I'm unsure he's captain-y enough at this point.
I've considered adding a cape, but I'm not too sure how it'd flow. Originally I wanted to remove his helmet, but the more I think about it the less fond of the idea I am.

The Kill-Team kerfluffle has also gotten me thinking about an old KT of mine that's been gathering dust, unfinished, and I've decided to paint the last two models as warm-up to the other KTs. They're Chaos Chosen, and I'm missing a Chosen and the Sarge. Sarge is heavily WiP, ofc.
For good measure, here's the rest of the KT:
It'll be tiny, 7 man, and it's probably made with the rules from the last codex or even the one before that. Noone ever accused me of working too fast.

Right, back to painting and gluing. I've got most of the dinner table covered in marine bits now, might as well take advantage of the GF being away.

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  1. Mordecai's pose is very cool mate. Looking forward to seeing the paint on him!

    Get that wee Kill-Team done first though!