Friday, 20 March 2015

Kill Teams

First off: Thanks for the comments everyone, it's great seeing that you're not just talking into empty cyberspace. :) 

It's been an odd week, but stuff's gotten done anyway. I'm visiting the parents right now, and I'll be spending the weekend at a friends celebrating his 30th birthday, so the weekly update is coming a bit before the weekend this time.

This update is going to be focused on Kill Teams, namely the Exorcists and Novamarines. I know Grizz said to finish the chaos fellows first, but these have a deadline, so...

First up is the Exorcists. Background-wise, they're specialised in anti-demon combat, with possession and expulsion of a demon being their final test before "graduating" from scout duty to actual marine-status.
With that in mind, I decided to go for a small elite, 6 man kill team, consisting of a command squad and a librarian. Luckily, I had the old metal veterans lying about, with one of them even painted in a dark-ish red scheme. Originally, I think I was trying out a new red for my BA, but decided not to use it, or something like that. I'll be trying to copy it, but I painted this guy years ago, with the old paints, so if I get close enough I'll be happy:

The rest of the squad is going to be a vet with boltpistol and powersword, one with a thunderhammer and storm shield, another with a power axe and a combi-plasma, and the last one I'm still torn over. It's the original sergeant, the guy with the power fist. I'm considering a powersword or something. 
Next guy is heavily WiP, but I'm trying to get over my usual dislike of posting unfinished models.

The librarian is going to be built from some GK plastics I originally ordered for a inq28 PA inquisitor that never got built.

He still needs a load of GS work, but the basic pose is down.

On the Novamarine front, the first 200 point KT is going to be a termie squad.
3 of them got painted before I packed them up years ago, so they're noticeably lighter blue, but it'll have to do. Obviously the bases will have to get done as well.
I intend to let Captain Blaylock keep them company, and he's nearly built as well, just needs some end-cap thingies on the ends of the leather strips he's got for a tabard:
There's loads more I could do with him, but honestly I've gotten bored of the building part and want to paint now.

I'm also still hoping I'll be able to paint up the command squad I started for my Nova captain, but they might well end up in the bottom of the pile since there's so much work missing on them. They're the early finecast, and it shows...

Next update ought to be an assault-marine based KT, perhaps the tacticals, and some malifaux and a Loup-Garou for my Ariadna. No pictures as yet, since they're basically just base colours blocked in and that's not exactly exciting to look at.

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  1. Bah Grizz isn't real hes an urban myth.... ;)

    Very nice work so far dude, quite interested to see what else you do to the librarian. Really like the captain too, the GS additions really make him pop, looking forward to seeing him painted :)