Saturday, 11 April 2015

Marines and a bit of infinity

Finally got some stuff done so I can update.

The exorcists have been slow going, but the second vet is done, minus his backpack. I've run out of Khorne Red and managed to buy Mephistron Red instead, so until I can swing by the LGS there won't be any more exorcists. 

That being said, the libby isn't red so he got some paint:
Mainly to see how difficult it was to match the two red with some brown glaces. It'll serve on this guy, but I won't be using it for the other marines.
Obviously they still need bases, but that'll come. I'm planning on doing all the bases for the killteams at the same time. Dunno how well that'll go, but it's the plan for now.

Almost done with my malifaux crew too. Been using them to test out some new ideas, and while it's not been a great success it's been good trying it out. I'm not too impressed with the models to be honest, some of the detail isn't great and there's a lot of work in removing the gaps where the parts have gone together.

Finally, infinity. While I've been playing a fair bit I haven't really painted much but I'm planning on returning to it. I messed up this loup tho, since I mistook a satin varnish for a matt - he's shiny now.

And with that, I'll return to dog-sitting for the mother-in-law, and perhaps some sunday painting.

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