Friday, 17 April 2015

Malifaux project completed!

Greetings all,

Been a weird week with thesis trouble and research regarding potential jobs but I've managed to get  a bit done, even if it isn't that impressive.

First of all, there was a malifaux meet planned and I wanted to get my crew ready for the table. You'll have to excuse the awful pics, my setup does NOT want to take pics of more than 2 models at a time I've found.
Despite the rushed paintjobs and the disappointing photography, it does mark an (almost) new experience for me: I've finished a project. This feels strange....

And, naturally, I'd marked out the wrong date in the calendar, so I managed to miss the meet up. No matter, they're done for whenever I manage to get a game.

It's not all Wyrd Plastics however, I decided to get some much needed paint on the 112 for my Ariadna. It's not my favorite sculpt by any standards and he's never actually managed to do anything for me on the field besides supply an order and catch the occasional bullet, so I figured I'd try and force myself to paint faster than I usually do.

Turned out ok-ish, even if I'm not too proud of him. Still better than shiny metal, though!

I started Uxia, so she'll probably be next, at least in a WiP version with slightly more paint on:
I really, really like this model. There's something about this little psychotic SAS redhead that just works for me. I had to file off the combat heels though, they're an awful fit for her aesthetically IMHO.

Other than that there's a Santiago that's slowly being worked on as a side project and a Reverend Healer that I hope to finish soon. They might make an appearance soon.

Also, in a move that horrifies my wallet and still brings a smile to my face, my local game store has started selling infinity. Limited selection, but I had to pick up something to support them. Meet Ivan, the friendly neighborhood Spetsnaz with boarding shotgun:
I have to say I was impressed with the casting quality on the body of this guy. Perfectly crisp details, almost no mouldlines (and I'm incredibly picky with those), excellent casting all round. His arms, however, was rather disappointing, with a massive gap and some significant moldlines.

Oh well, at least they're getting better. If they can get the general quality up to just half as good as the quality on the body of this guy, they'll be better than most manufacturers on the market that I've handled figures from.

Right, time for dinner - as always, your comments are very much appreciated. :)

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  1. I'm impressed, you finished a project its almost too good to be true you sure those pictures aren't convincing fakes ;)

    They do look really good all together though I personally really like the little elementals.

    Given how easily tempted you are all the shop needs to is put bright stickers on products and you will be drawn to them like a magpie ;)