Sunday, 19 April 2015

More Ariadna

...this time of the sneaky sort.

I've loved the Covert Action Uxia model since I first saw it, but despite this I've taken my time getting some paint on her. I've played her once and she performed brilliantly, infiltrating right up to the enemy deployment zone and making a right nuisance of herself.

I finally got started on her yesterday and even got quite far. I went for a camo-ish scheme with a blue coat to tie her into the rest of my Ariadna.
There's a lot of fine detail on her, and I thought I'd try grabbing a pic of her to better let me see where I needed to tweak her a bit more. Of course, that means I might as well post it as a WiP, albeit one that's fairly advanced.

I'm thinking I'll try to improve the eyes a bit, glaze her freckles with some skin colour to tone them down slightly, and see if I can't blend the highlights into the braid better. The leather might get a glaze or two as well, to stop it looking so stark.
Not sure if I can or should do anything with the mouth, even if I'd like to give her more or a smile. It seems like it'd fit her better than the more placid expression she's got now.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome!

I've even gotten started on the prepwork on the next model, the Spetsnaz.
Not a lot to see here though, it's just the basecoats being put down. I'll most likely be going for something like the studio scheme but with the same camo as Uxia above. I was fairly pleased with that.

Thanks for looking, and as always feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. 2 updates in 1 week is shocking enough, but the fact that you painted freckles on her face......just how?

    She looks great sir, the face is brilliant im actually in awe of it. The como pattern on her kit works really well too.

    Looking forward to seeing the spetsnaz finished