Monday, 8 June 2015

Been a while..

Like the title says, it's been a while.
The last month I've been working on my thesis, so there's been precious little time for painting and other fun stuff. That's handed in now, however, so I'm back in the game. I'll defend it on the 18th, and after that everything should be back to normal hobby-wise.

Since last update, I've completed the metro, not to a great standard, but I've never been too fond of the sculpt anyhow. At least she's painted and ready for the table:

Next models for Ariadna will likely be the Spetsnaz with boarding shotgun and the unpainted parts of the Loup Garou link.

I've been looking at the JSA I've gotten as a side-project too. Eventually, I'd like a few smaller armies that I can field as 150-200 point forces with a bit of variation to help introduce people to the game, and these'll be the first of those. Right now I've got the JSA starter plus the Keisotsu with ML and HMG to make a full link team. I might add a support pack, a bike and some other stuff eventually.

Right now, I'm basically playing about with the colour scheme, trying to tweak the way I paint white and black and attempting to decide on an accent colour. I think I'll go red, but I might still need another for a bit of contrast, for instance on the rifles. Any suggestions are more than welcome!
I have to thank Cloak88 over on the official infinity forums for tips on how he does his white, having his recipe as a baseline saved me a heap of trouble.

In the absence of actual productive work, I've fiddled with some bases for the rest:
And that's about all I've done in almost a month. Living up to the blog name, I think.

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  1. looking good as normal sir, the finished metro is very nice.

    As to the JSA the scheme is off to a good start, colour suggestion wise I'd say go for a blue or orange. On my old Tau force that were white I often looked to Star wars clone troopers for inspiration haha.

    Those bases are looking very nice too, you should have a crack at casting them ;)