Friday, 12 June 2015


Spetsnaz is (practically) done!
Looking back, I can see spots where I might go back and tidy a bit before varnishing him, like his left arm and some of the transitions on the right metal armguard. Still, decently pleased with him, particularly the eye glow. I'm getting better there, I think. Might have the courage to go back over the PanO stuff and do their eyes red sometime soon.

Still mucking about with the Keisotsu, too:
Plenty of work to do yet, but he's slowly getting there I think. Still working on ways to integrate that orange into the scheme.

Had a moments weakness a few days ago, so now I own a box of Antipodes. They'll probs be the next Ariadna project, unless Margot or the female Chasseur manage to insert themselves in the painting queue.

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