Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Slow and steady

Getting closer to that complete-some-projects goal!
Lately, I've gotten the mounted serjeants for the Lion Rampant force completed. They couldn't fit in my lightbox all 6 at a time, so 2 pictures it is:

In-game, these are going to be a group of young sons of well-off families from a hansestadt, who nonetheless aren't noble. As far as I can tell, it was fairly usual for rich families to do this. I assume it's been good networking, the LinkedIn of the medieval era. That's why the obviously noble commander is riding with them: Clearly, they aren't as bad as the usual rabble (they have money, after all), but they might still need some stiffening from a proper, noble, commander. He's taken his squire with him, they're the ones with blue lances.

I usually loathe painting cavalry models, so it's a testament to the Perry brothers sculpting that these were actually decently fun to paint. Not something I'm looking forward to doing again, but not as bad as cavalry usually is. Dunno what it is about cav, but it's not my thing.

Also gotten started on the tiny skaven warband. It's basically going to be 10 stormvermin and a character in the lead, unless I fall into the trap of scope-creep.

I might tweak the red a bit, it's slightly flat I think.

And finally, I got some infinity done - the female wildcat. The guy with the spitfire snuck into the shot as well:

Sadly, I can't get the link team completed with the last Wildcat. The model I got might have a mismatched arm, and I'm going to wait until I get hold of the Corregidor box to see if there's something I can do about it.

Thanks for reading!

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