Thursday, 6 August 2015

Plodding along

Things are moving slowly here, but they're moving at least.

The Lion Rampant army is slowly getting there, but I'm afraid it's quite difficult to grab pics of large units so that the models are actually visible. You'll have to make do with some rather smaller pics until I get a hold of Mikkel soonish and get everything set up for a battle.

I've almost got the crossbowmen painted as well, meaning that I've only got a single 12-man unit of foot sergeants with polearms left!
This means I'm close to being actually done with an army, which is pretty unusual for me. I'm still trying to come to terms with it really, but at least there's plenty more to work on.

The skaven is slowly coming along too, I've got 3 in the alcohol to get rid of some paint on them, and I'm playing about with a warlord for them. Recently, I saw the Painting Budda painting videos they did with the AoS starter, and the loaded brush technique they've used looked very interesting. Luckily I had a Skaven warlord lying about that I was going to paint anyway, and he makes a decent testing model.

Results aren't perfect and while I think he's looking decent there's a lot of work in mastering that technique. Nonetheless, I think there's a lot of promise in it, when I get it to work it works beautifully and gives a nice smooth blend with very little effort.

Next update should include a lot of crossbowmen and hopefully an infinity model or two. I miss working on sci-fi. 


  1. Sejt , hvad skal du bruge din skaven til ?

    1. Ikke det store - han er egentlig bare en tester til noget loaded brush blending. Jeg har 10 stormvermin, så han bliver leder af et mini-warband. Det kan jo være man finder noget at bruge ham til på et tidspunkt.