Friday, 28 August 2015

Back to Infinity, plus some space mayans

Alright, I got the Domaru done just in time for the monthly paint challenge over on the infinity forums. Well pleased with him too:

This leaves me just 8 models short of completing the JSA I've got. 5 Keisotsu Butai in a link team, a Kempeitai, an Oniwaban and Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune.
I'm getting better with loaded brush blending too, I think the rest of the JSA is going to be easier to do with this technique. White is heaps easier, I find.

I've been pulled into a small Dark Age force as well, as I said last time, and the first one's gotten a basic paintjob now:
Still got 2 warriors and the captain to go, but they should be done soonish.
They're fun to paint, I'll give them that, but ye gods the assembly... Probably the fiddliest models I've worked with so far.

Lastly, the club I go to is running a frostgrave campaign, so I've gotten on board with that too, with this being the start of a little warband:
And a few guys in WiP:

And that's what I've gotten done lately. Comments and criticism welcome as always!


  1. Wow sir you certainly are getting to grips with the loaded brush method, that Domaru is stunning.

    Very much like the skin on the blue dark age guy too.

    Ah yet another project I see, its funny how me and you stumble upon similar projects at the same time haha. Looking worward to how you tackle the frostgrave stuff. Will have to do a write up on the game too ;)

    1. Thanks mate!
      The last two bluies and perhaps a WiP of the commander should be up tomorrow actually. Glad you like him, he's the easiest of the bunch to paint but I was actually quite happy with him.

      And yeah, we have excellent taste, even if I do say so myself. :P