Friday, 22 January 2016

Dark Elf invasion

It's time for a brief (hah!) intermission from Infinity.

Recently some friends and I have been talking about starting a ninth age campaign. Originally, I was going to go with my old Warriors of Chaos. A while back though, Maelstrom sent me a Christmas package, including some DE Corsairs, Witch Elves and assorted bits.

When he heard about this, being generous as he is, he insisted on sending me, well, pretty much all of his old DE army.

You're looking at roughly 20 Corsairs, 40 Spearmen, 20-something Repeater Crossbows, 2 Repeater Bolt Throwers, 8 Shades, a command group of Witch Elves, 5 Furies, a Hydra with handlers, a Cold One Chariot, 8 converted/WiP Dark Riders, plus a heap of characters, including the old Malekith on Dragon. Not to mention the bits, bases and movement trays.

It goes without saying that I owe Si massively for this - I'll have to find a way to repay him, but so far he's been refusing payment of any kind.

I tried for individual pictures but my camera is awful at photographing larger groups of models, so that'll have to happen as I touch up the units before fielding them. You'll have to make do with grainy pics of the core troops and the characters.

Also in there is a small purchase I made while the models were making their way to Denmark - a bunch of the old metal Executioners, some oooold Dark Riders, and a Sorceress on Cold One.

Again, thanks mate. I've said it a couple of times at this point, but I owe you a solid for sure.

I've got another week to get started on these, as I start my new job February first and I'll have plenty to do then! I'll also be trying to finish the Knights as well - I need them for the escalation league I'm running!

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