Sunday, 31 January 2016

Konstantinos and some Dark Elf testers

Evening all,

Life's been busy lately, and there hasn't been quite as much progress as I'd like on the hobby front. There's a decent reason for this however, as I've gotten a job and I've needed to take care of some stuff before I start tomorrow.
I was really hoping to have both the knights I've worked on lately done by now, but sadly it didn't work out. The Knight of the Holy Sepulchre has been difficult to work on, even if he is a joy to paint, and I've been less than willing to lower the paint standard to get him done.

Less so on Konstantinos, though. I'd like to get some freehand in on those shoulders, but for now, he'll do. Click for a bigger version.

I'm quite happy with him, but there's areas I'd like to have done better, in particular the sword. There's quite a noticable bend on it, but it's not something I can bend back I think - as far as I can see, there's a slight bit of damage there from when I cleaned him.

Still, as a high quality test piece for the KotHS, he's pretty nice I think. I got a lot better at painting leather and white while doing him, and that'll come in handy I think. The practice on white already has. Hopefully next update will be able to cover some progress with the KotHS.

Last update detailed the generosity of Maelstrom, and I've started on the Dark Elves. I've redone my list as I made some mistakes last, and I've decided on a block of 14 corsairs with a captain, a captain with a banner, 10 crossbowmen, 5  shades and 5 dark raiders as the starting 600 points. Once I find my list I might post it.

Proof I'm working on the corsairs:

I hope to keep more or less this standard throughout the unit, though there's bound to be some quality slippage once I crank up the speed. And to prove that I am actually able to work in batches:

(I'm working on the legs too, but they're pretty boring ATM and I couldn't be bothered to photo them yet. )

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  1. De ser sørme flotte ud de Dark elves. Vildt nok hvis du kan holde standarden en hel hær igennem. Jeg må indrømme at jeg har fået lidt lyst til at spille fantasy igen, med Thomas K's turnering og alt det.

    Mvh. Tim (pt. På Phi Phi, Thailand)