Monday, 9 May 2016

Spectre, Infinity and Epic - distractions ahoy!

Been a while, I'm rubbish at updating this, but I suppose that's expected by now.
Work's been taking up a lot of time lately, plus other stuff, that's my excuse for now.
Believe it or not, most of the stuff here has been done over the last weeks.

I've gotten a small amount done though. Lately, I've been trying to push myself to paint faster and give up a bit of quality to get the model done faster.

Last week I had a game night with a couple of friends (that got cancelled,sadly), and I painted up some of the Spectre miniatures SAS forward observers from their kickstarter I got with a mate ages ago, as well as Hasslefree's Donnie, who'll be an arms dealer or secret agent of some sort once we get the game in sometime.

I've said it before: I've never painted a HF mini that wasn't brilliant to work with. More than anything else, Kev White manages to make his models FUN to paint, consistently, which is incredibly impressive.
The Spectre SAS fellows were cool too, no complaints there.
Hopefully we can get the game in soonish!

I did a couple of Infinity intro games saturday as the gaming club where I play held a mini-convention. Was good fun, and it gave me the impetus to paint the first of 5 Knight Magisters for an eventual nasty little HI link.

Of course, whenever I played against PanO during the intro games, he turned into a regular little murdermachine who diced and sliced his way through anything thrown his way, but it was all in good fun, and I think we might have a new player or two.

I also got to try out Dystopian Wars, and I think I might have to get a fleet. It's a VERY cool little system, and the universe is, for once, steampunk/gearpunk done WELL.

I've been dabbling in smaller scales a bit as well, since the club is hosting a friendly little 1500 points Epic tourney late next month. Naturally, I couldn't resist.

So far I've gotten this done:
A Tactical detachment with command stand, a Devastator detachment and a dread for support

Rhinos for the marines, 2 Vindicators, soon to be 4, and 2 converted Hunters for AA support

Finally, a couple of Thunderbolts with bases to come. 

I've no idea how good the list I'm working towards is, but I've got a test game next week where I'll try it out.

It's basically this:

  • Tactical detachment
    • Supreme Commander
    • Dreadnought
  • Devastator detachment
    • Hunter
  • Vindicator detachment
  • Predator detachment
    • Hunter
  • Thunderbolts
And it comes to 1475 points. I still need to do 6 vehicles and properly base the thunderbolts, but this should be doable by next week, even if I'm in Occupied East Denmark Sweden this week for a work course. 

One of the reasons I fell for the temptation was that Epic will let me do scratchbuilding again, which I've missed something fierce. The sleek, hexagonal future of Infinity is wonderful and a great setting, but unless you've got access to a sculpting programme and a 3d printer, it's hard to build fitting vehicles. Not so with 40k, where you can basically get away with making a box on tracks, riveting it to kingdom come and smacking a few skulls on it, and it'll fit in. 

Case in point, the Taurox. I bloody hate that model, but I digress. Plasticard and GS: 

(Not pictured: Swearing. Loads of it, but somehow it was fun anyhow)

I like the Sicaran though, so it got to be my first Epic scratchbuild. There's a little bit of work remaining on the turret, mainly closing some gaps to ensure the mould will last a bit longer, and the front of the hull needs a bit of love, but other than that she's soon ready for the mouldmaking process. Then, I'll cast up a couple, make a 4 tank detachment that I can use if I find an opponent who'll play against an Epic list.
The tracks are separate, to let me do a Venator hull at some point. Sexy tank too, that.

Also, the B&W photography is a trick I've stolen from Tinners, who used to do some of the best scratchbuilds I've ever laid eyes on over on the Ammobunker back in the day. Helps focus on the model, once you take away all the different colours. Plus, it looks kinda pro. Credit where it's due and all.

I've got a couple of Rhino hulls on the go as well, it's good to be back to the plastic glue fumes.

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