Thursday, 2 June 2016

More epic and infinity

Been busy lately as always, but I've gotten a bit done nonetheless.

I finished building a scratchbuilt Sicaran (because the model is great, but I've neither the room nor use for a 28mm version), and got a mould made.

The first cast turned out poorly, with the lower part of one track unit missing, so I made a quick objective:

Eventually, I plan to have 2 armoured units of 4, then grab some marine proxies somewhere that can be converted to look like 30k marines, and play some heresy.

Infinity remains the biggest draw, however!

I've just taken part in my first tourney, and it was FUN. Met some great people (who beat me senseless for the most part), and had a blast.

I wound up playing Ariadna as I didn't want to play with unpainted models, but the PanO lure was strong - my aim is to get a tourney capable list up and running soonish.
To this end, I've painted a bit:

Anonymous Order Sgt no 34812902. Gives an order, occasionally deploys with TO camo in the midfield.

Bulleteer Armbot with spitfire, still heavily WiP. Fun little model, but I'm really struggling with the blue for some reason.

And finally:

Everyones favorite former Templar, Gabriele de Fersen. FUN model to paint. Really fun.

'till next,

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