Monday, 6 June 2016

An update from Sweden, for the last time

I'm on my last week of work-related courses in Sweden, and brought some pictures with me so I could post the weekends work from here.

I've completed the unit of Shades for ninth I got from Maelstrom a while back, and these old models were surprisingly fun to paint:

More DE will come, hopefully soonish. The tabards and coats have turned out blue in the pic however, they're quite a bit more purple in colour.

I also got a bit further with my ongoing quest to reduce the infinity stockpile, as De Fersen got closer to being finished:
with only the sword, freehand and basework to do now,

And an Ariadnan Marauder who got painted up real quick:

I'm quite pleased with the result on the Marauder, the Ariadna scheme I've found lends itself well to speedpainting I find.

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