Sunday, 27 September 2015

Frostgrave and Samurais

Bit of a slow period, sadly. Been busy with job-hunting and such, but I've gotten a bit done at least.
A while back I started a frostgrave warband, and they got finished. Finally. For some reason, the top 5 was good fun to build and paint, while the lower 5 was a real chore. Could easily have done without them, but they're done and now all I need to do is actually have a game.

I'm thinking that the wizard is going to be a witch, but I haven't checked out the specific rules yet. Si/Maelstrom seemed to think that witch would fit the Merlin-type wizard best, so that's what I'm banking on.

I've managed to start another project, what with the frostgrave project being done. With the Lion Rampant force completed, I felt that I should do another historical project, and the Ronin rules for samurai skirmish games were the obvious choice. The armies are small, 5-12 models a side for the ones I've done, the models are readily available from the Perry brothers, and it's always a pleasure working with their sculpts, not to mention that it's an interesting period. Initially, I had planned to try and persuade Mikkel, the friend I've played Lion Rampant with, to pick up a warband for it, but then I accidentally planned out 3 armies and wound up buying them myself.

The overarching plan is to paint 3 small armies and a bit of terrain for a weekend in November, where three of us can meet up and get a game or three in.
I'll post up the background and my plans later in a dedicated post, but for now, here's the tester and some initial terrain, entirely inspired by the houses done by Juxt over on Warseer:

Expect more of this, as the deadline grows closer and I panic over all the stuff I need to get done.

I've finally gotten back to infinity again painting-wise, but no pictures on that front yet.


  1. Frostgrave stuff looks really good sir, I think eventually you will need to do more ;) Witch would probs be best fit for Merlin as its more nature based but you have access to some other alligned schools that fit in with him.

    Samurai stuff is looking great so far too, still amazes me how quickly you knock out such terrain.

    1. Hah, it helps that I'm basically copying someone else. ;)
      Cheers tho.

      I'm pretty burned out on the Frostgrave stuff tbh, going to focus on infinity and Perry Samurai for the next while.