Wednesday, 14 October 2015

First Buntai done for Ronin!

Alright, time for another update as I've actually be sorta productive lately.

As you can probably tell from the headline, I've gotten the first buntai done, with these guys being painted.

From left to right, it's another Samurai, the leader of the buntai who'll probably be named eventually but is a Samurai in game terms, an Ashigaru with the buntai banner and an Ashigaru with a yari, a japanese spear.
The entire buntai of Takeda Shingen thus looks like this:

Pardon the poor picture, I'll have to find a better solution for photo'ing larger numbers of models. It's a bit of a challenge with my current setup. I might return and add some more details, but for now these'll be sidelined until the 3 buntai are done.
This means the first buntai is done and I can start work on the next - Uesugi Kenshin's men, sent out to raid the Takeda territories.
I've decided to change the list I was working with, however, and I'll be using the Ikko-ikki list instead of the samurai-focused Bushi list. This'll hopefully make for a more diverse series of battles. I've had to order some more models from the Perrys to do so, but I'll be able to start with some of the samurai - despite being a bunch of rowdy buddhist fanatics, there'll still be a couple of samurai to herd the rabble in the right direction.

And to keep this post from being entirely historical, I put the finishing touches on the first Keisotsu Butai for my JSA. He's a tester and there's plenty of faults or things that could be better, but he's done, so yay for that.
Also, based on some kind feedback from Maru and Icchan over on the infinity forums, I've tweaked the sword and the base on Shinobi Kitsune. Didn't get the base in the picture tho, due to momentary stupidity on my part. :) Not sure it actually shows, but it is a bit darker.

So yeah, getting closer with a fair few projects.

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  1. The speed you paint at scares me at times......

    They are looking great sir, the free hand on the banners is rather impressive. Looking forward to seeing the next little group.

    Kitsune is stunning, the sword looks great but its the fact you have picked her eyes out so well that really make her pop.

    Go on hurry up and paint more ;)