Monday, 2 November 2015

Update time again

This is turning into more of a monthly update schedule than a weekly one I'm afraid, I really should do more.
I've been playing a bit however, so the time I haven't spent painting have at least been spent well.

There's been some slight progress on the first models in the second Ronin warband, the Ikko-Ikki; nutty religious extremists trying to rid Japan of foreign influence. Compared to the previous warband, these'll be much more numerous and less skilled.

The list I'm working with consists of 7 peasants, 4 Monto, 2 with spears, one with a banner and the last one with a katana, 3 Samurai and a Sohei warrior monk. 15 models all told, which is fairly large for Ronin I think.

I've gotten the first 4 of these done, 3 ill-equipped peasants and a Monto with a katana. As far as I've been able to ascertain, the Monto are religious foot soldiers but I've had a hard time digging up info on some of the specifics.

I find I'm settling for a slightly lower painting standard on these compared to the others, but perhaps that's to be expected. 

Mikkel, the guy who've been pushing me into Lion Rampant, did some absolutely fantastic terrain for those games, including civvies for some atmosphere. After playing those games I had to include some for Ronin as well, as they really added to the experience, and besides the Perrys do some lovely Japanese civilians. First one's done, a guy I imagine is a minor noble or local bigwig, due to his rather fancy clothing and the katana.

There's also a well there I did to test out painting the houses I did ages ago. 

Originally we were supposed to start playing in November, but that's been postponed due to external reasons - one of the guys have moved to Poland for work in a 2 month period.
Knowing my painting speed, that's probably a good thing.

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