Saturday, 10 October 2015

Progress on the Buntai and others

So, it's been a little while. I actually completed the antipode handler and Kitsune a while ago, but I've been having camera problems and couldn't get a decent picture of either.

They're done tho, and I'm well pleased with Shinobu Kitsune. She's a heck of a model, fiddly to put together but once I got to grips with the painting, she was fun. Sadly, the glaze-method I was trying out on the sword failed miserably, so I had to redo it, but it turned out well in the end I think.

There's less to say about the Antipode Handler, she bascially just got a decent-but-basic paintjob and now she's just waiting for her pups to move up the painting queue before I can field her. I'm enjoying the new CAD-sculpted Infinity models, details are nice and crisp.

The pups might be a while tho, I'll be trying to get 3 more Keisotsu Butai painted first. I've actually got the first tester done as well, but his pics turned out poorly and he's getting consigned to the next update.

I'm moving forward with the Ronin Buntais as well, and had a productive evening yesterday where the last 3 ashigaru archers got finished. The samurai's been done for a day or three.

The first Buntai, the forces of Takeda Shingen, is getting closer to done, now, and I only need to paint another 4 models - 2 samurai, an ashigaru-gashira with a spear and one with a banner:

I'm hoping to have some of them done over the weekend. The ashigaru will be painted in the same manner as the ones already done, but I'm hoping to include a bit more diversity in the samurai. After this Buntai is done, I'll be starting work on either Uesugi Kenshin's Ikko-Ikkei or the relatively small Oda Nobunagawa force.

As always, comments, criticism or questions are more than welcome.

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